Accessibility and Disability Vision

Better Manitoba joins in partnership with Abilities Manitoba and Barrier Free Manitoba to support their call for all Manitobans with disabilities to have the basic human right to fully participate in all aspects of life in the community such as work, study, shopping, active transportation, and recreation.

Better Manitoba stand in solidarity with the call for disability support workers who have long been one of the province's lowest paid human service workers in their call for fair and living wages that reflect job responsibilities and in proposing a competency-based training system. Manitobans with disabilities continue to face extensive barriers when seeking a job and, once employed, keeping their jobs and advancing in their careers. As a result, persons with disabilities have among the lowest employment rates and highest unemployment rates.


  • Ensure all Manitobans with disabilities can participate fully in election activities and those who are eligible to vote can do so.
  • To promote priority attention for disability issues in the provincial election.
  • To support Manitobans in making informed voting decisions.
  • Purpose built social and affordable housing that is accessible
  • Expand disability related services to exceed pre-pandemic levels of service

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Disability Matters Vote

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