Agriculture/ Food Security Vision

Agriculture and food processing is a major contributor to Manitoba's economy and has a huge impact on the environment. There has been a shift in agricultural trends over the last 30 years: the number of farms has declined while the size of the farms has grown. More greenhouses in remote communities to grow healthy affordable food will lower stress, increase food security, and increase physical health.


  • Implement a Seed Act that protects farmers right to save, reuse, select, exchange and sell seeds.
  • Mitigate agriculture’s impact on the environment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, through incentives and regulations.
  • Reduce food waste by supporting programs for diverting waste from grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Implementing curbside compost systems across the province.
  • Invest in electrification of agricultural infrastructure.
  • Significant improvement in the lives of animals.

Organizations with more information

Food Matters Manitoba
National Farmers Union
Green Action Centre
Direct Farms Manitoba
Fireweed Food Co-op
Hog Watch Manitoba

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Agriculture
Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
Minister of Advanced Education and Training