Education Vision

Education is essential to Manitoba's successful future. High-quality, barrier free, tuition-free, public education from primary to post-secondary nurtures Manitoba’s young people and prepares them for community engagement, civic life, and future work. The space in which education happens is important and should be built for health, accessibility, comfort, and should meet net zero energy efficiency  standards.


  • Invest in smaller class sizes, and ensure teachers, students, librarians, and support staff have the resources they need, especially in rural and remote communities
  • Reject proposals for Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) and ensure a fully funded education system at all levels.
  • Permanently expand the spaces and capacity for training doctors, nurses and medical professionals in the post-secondary system.
  • Permanently expand the capacity to train early childhood education to meet the goal of adding 23,000 new publicly, funded childcare spaces. Links to childcare
  • Develop a robust antipoverty strategy that includes primary and secondary school food programs.
  • Invest in high-quality public broadband internet especially in rural and remote Manitoba communities. Links to infrastructure.
  • Implement province-wide human rights, antiracism and LGBTQ2S+ awareness training for staff, including training specifically addressing anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism, Islamophobia, and transphobia.
  • Build now, and retrofit older, education facilities to ensure they are are a healthy and accessible environment for teachers, students and staff.

Organizations with more information

People for Public Education
Canadian Federation of Students
Red for Ed Manitoba

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development
Minister of Advanced Education and Training