Health Vision

Manitoba needs a fully public, effective, caring health care system to enable all of us to thrive. Health care needs to be accessible to rural and remote communities, and avoid being privatized so that care is equal across the board.


  • Invest in health care professionals and facilities to significantly increase the existing health care system capacity.
  • Invest in staffed hospital beds to reduce pressure and wait times in emergency rooms
  • Invest in training, hiring and retaining nurses, doctors and medical professionals to exceed Canadian averages.
  • Expand the residency spaces for medical professionals available in Manitoba
  • Invest in public community health care, home care, and long term care, to ensure that Manitoba exceeds the staff time per patient national average.
  • Expand health coverage to include eye care, dental care, and prescription drugs.
  • Invest in harm reduction strategies of care. Introduce safe supply and supervised consumption sites to mitigate the opioid crisis.

Organizations with more information

Manitoba Health Coalition
Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals
Midwives Association of Manitoba
Manitoba Public Health Association
Manitoba Harm Reduction Network
Supervised Consumption Services & Manitoba
Doctors Manitoba

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Health
Minister of Advanced Education and Training
Minister of Indigenous Reconciliation and Northern Relation