Housing and Homelessness Vision

Housing is an essential foundation for a person's life. Invest in making housing affordable and accessible for all. Create multigenerational communal housing so that elders and youth can support each other. Social and affordable housing must be energy efficient housing.


  • Create 1000 additional units of social housing every year for the next 10 years, with a preference for net zero housing.
  • Immediate expropriation of derelict and vacant buildings from absentee and negligent landlords for high quality housing.
  • Reform the landlord tenant act to protect renters
  • Regulate short term rentals.
  • Invest in more capital funding and stable organizational supports for co-op and community housing
  • Create a Minister of housing.
  • Expand and permanently fund rapid rehousing programs, with supports, to address the needs of unhoused adults, including a specific program for youth.

Organizations with more information

Manitoba Non-Profit Housing Association
Right to Housing
Sustainable Building Manitoba

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Families
Create a Minister of Housing