Immigration Vision

Newcomers to Manitoba deserve to live with dignity, have their human rights respected and receive equitable services and supports. Increasing numbers of people are being displaced around the world due to conflict and climate change, and Manitoba has a responsibility to welcome and support newcomers to the province, especially as the growth in Mantioba’s economy depends on newcomers.


  • The equitable treatment of all Manitoba residents regardless of immigration status or nationality, especially when accessing provincial services, supports and programs.
  • Manitoba and Canada work together to develop and implement an equitable rapid response framework to humanitarian or refugee crises.
  • Support family reunification.
  • Expedite systems for recognition of foreign credentials and foreign work experience.
  • Ensure all residents have the ability to vote.
  • Guarantee healthcare access to newcomers, refugees, migrant workers and international students.

Organizations with more information

Immigration Partnership Winnipeg
Manitoba Association of Newcomer Settlement Organizations

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Labour and Immigration