Labour Vision

Working people are the backbone of Manitoba’s economy and civic life. Wages should be high enough to allow people to thrive. The province has a key role to play in investing in green jobs and training, to improve economic conditions and resilience. Training for work that is an essential and benefits society, such as the trades, should be widely accessible and affordable. Manitoba must remove barriers to employment and pay equity across sectors..


  • The minimum wage should be a living wage, starting at $19.64 per hour, with annual adjustments for inflation.
  • Legislate that all employees receive 10 paid sick days a year.
  • Reclassify gig economy workers as employees.
  • Create new jobs through investing in green infrastructure
  • Create a guaranteed livable income for those unable to work
  • Update employment standards to fully include part-time, contract workers, and migrant workers working in low-income and agricultural sectors.
  • Legislate workers' right of first refusal for corporate relocations, sales, and shutdowns.
  • Support cooperatives and social enterprises through specific social finance and social procurement targets.

Organizations with more information

Manitoba Federation of Labour
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
Canadian Community Economic Development Network

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Labour and Immigration
Minister responsible for Gender Equity