Poverty Reduction and Affordability Vision

Every person should have an opportunity to be a part of society and the economy, and to live with dignity.


  • Implement comprehensive poverty reduction legislation.
  • Make the EIA into a basic needs benefit within 18 months to raise the income of all
  • Manitobans to the poverty line.
  • Increase and then sustain multi-year funding to community agencies working to address poverty. Index these funds to inflation.
  • People facing barriers should be prioritized for sustainable job training and employment.
  • Introduce a windfall tax on corporations such as grocery chains to avoid further price gouging.
  • Deliver accessible and low cost transit throughout Manitoba.
  • Re-establish the independence of the Public Utilities Board, an especially repeal legislated financial targets for Manitoba Hydro.

Organizations with more information

Make Poverty History Manitoba

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Finance
Minister of Families