Provincial / Municipal Relations Vision

Manitoba needs to improve provincial and municipal governance and responsibilities to better support municipalities.


  • Establish a predictable funding model for municipalities with an annual increases linked to inflation
  • Rebate the PST paid by municipalities. It’s not fair for one level of government to tax another.
  • Introduce greater tax flexibility for municipalities
  • Increase Manitoba Water Services Board funding for water and wastewater infrastructure, and commit to advocate for a permanent federal and provincial infrastructure fund
  • Ensure comprehensive broadband and cell service throughout Manitoba. This is essential infrastructure for economic growth, public safety, education, and health care
  • Implement training opportunities for licensed professionals closer to home, and keep government services locally in every community
  • Health care and home care in every community. Enact a plan to keep paramedics, doctors and other health professionals working in all communities throughout Manitoba
  • Expand municipal community safety and well-being plans

Organizations with more information
Province of Manitoba Municipal Relations

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Municipal Relations