Safety / Security Vision

Better Manitoba envisions safety through healthy communities, where everyone's basic needs are fulfilled and people are able to participate fully in society. Build access to housing, food, education, employment, and health care, as the necessary foundations for safety and security.


  • Support existing and expansion of 24/7 safe spaces and community outreach initiatives
  • Remove security from public libraries and other community spaces, and implement the safety recommendations of community groups.
  • Reallocate resources from police to invest in civilian led crisis response, community building, poverty reduction, and community-led mental health supports.
  • Develop crisis response teams and programs in consultation with communities and civil society
  • Implement the calls for justice from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.
  • Increase support for Restorative Justice programs

Organizations with more information

Manitoba Harm Reduction Network
Police Accountability Coalition

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness
Create a Minister of Housing