Seniors and Home Care Vision

Our parents and grandparents helped to make us who we are and made Manitoba what it is today. They deserve to live with dignity and respect now and into the future.


  • Invest in public home care staff, training and support.
  • All home care must be delivered by public organizations.
  • Increase capital funding and permanently increase operations funding to create more personal care homes
  • Offer living wages to home care and long-term care staff.
  • Fund public care homes such that employees make better than a living wage. Ensure care homes have high quality education, recreation and health services on site.
  • Facilitate multi generational housing to make it easier for families and communities to support their loved ones.
  • Invest in fraud detection and prevention.
  • Create as Seniors Advocate to manage real and effective oversight and regulation of care homes, staff and prevent elder abuse.
  • Increase capital funding for personal care homes for retrofits and upgrades to ensure all residents have access to heating, cooling, and safe living environments.

Organizations with more information

Manitoba Health Coalition

Minister(s) Responsible

Minister of Seniors and Long Term Care